Maths Week 2018 is coming this year!           

It starts on Monday August 13th and finishes Friday August 17th.

For Year 1 through to Year 11 students.

297,258 students from more than 2000 schools and 4882 teachers were registered last year!
Maths Week uses topics of interest and relevant to your student’s lives. 

This year the Challenge topics include.

  • Survivor Series class teaching tasks.
    The Golden Ratio.
    The latest (2018) largest Prime Number.
    Artificial intelligence and Smart phones.
    The L.O.P. code.
    Reading Timetables.
    Noughts and Crosses.
  • Maths Millionaire. Completely interactive games at four Levels.
    Junior-Junior for Year 1 to Year 4 pupils.
    Junior for Year 5 to Year 8 students.
    Senior for Year 8 to Year 11 students.
    Family for all family members to enjoy at home.
  • The Maths Chase.
    The very popular Chase Game from T.V. adapted for the Maths Classroom.
    Two levels Junior and Senior. New each day!
  • The Indices Cycle Race!
    A great way of introducing and revising index problems with classes.
    Students like it!
  • Daily Dollar questions.
    Latest Maths movies.  Maths stamps.
    Fraction problem from Coronation Street.
    Famous mathematicians.
    Prime problems.  Sequences.
    Telephone codes.
  • Maths Week Super Challenge!
    This was new last year and is a real challenge for the best of the best!

The popular Games Section has been updated and improved.

The Challenges and Games are interactive and contain much useful mathematics for students.

Register now ...

All teachers who register will get a copy of the answers and helpful notes for themselves before Maths Week.

Teachers need to register themselves and their students early!

Maths Week is free for all New Zealand schools.

It is part sponsored by

The New Zealand Ministry of Education, Casio Calculators,

and the New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers.

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